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Longing for Summer

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My Escape


What's your digits ?

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We can't pay for Sunny weather....

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Donna Flora A to Z Project - S is for Spring

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It's all about Projections...

Don't we all love learning new things... I know I do.

This week,  I came across a Plurk from  Shay about how to create shadows. During this discussion, Ely mentioned something about projectors. I was wondering to myself, what are projectors and how do they relate to shadows in SL? I read on to see what they were.

 A projector is a feature that involves an image and light, kind of like the projector a school teacher uses to show things on a blank wall.

In order to create or even see projectors in-world, shadows need to be enabled and set to Sun/Moon + Projectors in the SL viewer.

A more detailed description about projectors and how to create them can be found on Inara Pey’s blog.

Anyway, here is a raw shot I took in-world putting into practice what I've just learned.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Ladies. =)