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52 Weeks of Color Challenge 3rd Week - Electric Indigo

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Olive Juice, we'll miss you.

Olive Juice is closing on the 19th of February; and she is having a big sale 50% off everything.  Cross my fingers she'll come back someday.Lets Show her some love and get some great poses in the process.I specially love the poses with props. All the poses are superb quality and super cute. 
Tp to Olive Juice and don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to support a great pose maker when she makes the hard decision to close doors. Thank you IsabellaGrace for all the wonderful creations you've shared with us.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge 2nd Week - Coral

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge 1st Week - Champagne


Do what you like, do it the best you can, keep doing it until it's not fun anymore.

So, this is it. I finally worked up the courage to post something here on the World Wide Web for anyone to see; what better motivation to finally start  blogging than a challenge? 
It's all supposed to be fun, but a girl does need some motivation. The 52 Weeks of Color Challenge did it for me.
No, I can't promise fancy words or pretty pictures. I'll just be doing my best and hopefully, I'll learn along the way. I hope you can bare with me on this crazy ride !
I'll be blogging about things that excite me; may them be a cute new outfit, an awesome LM I came across, or something completely random. It will just be All Things JuliaWe all have our own style and it's worth sharing. You never know, it might inspire you or spark a new idea !