Tuesday, January 24, 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge 3rd Week - Electric Indigo

I am sorry I haven't posted anything last week. I've been busy in RL and will be busy for the next few weeks. My family,whom I miss so much, is visiting from Brazil. Although I should have posted this last week, it's better late than never. I am trying not to miss any of the Color Challenge weeks. I need to get used to blogging. 
This week, I had no time to shop in-world; therefore, most of the items I am wearing are  from the Marketplace. I love shopping at the Marketplace! It's so much easier to find items, and there's no lag ! YAY ! 
I sometimes don't have much patience to shop in-world because it's such a pain waiting for everything to rezz. I'll admit that it has become less of a hassle shopping in-world since I've gotten a better computer.
On another note, Mayfly has released some pretty awesome mesh eyes, which I am wearing today. The detail on them is amazing! I am starting to really like mesh more and more each day.
Without further ado, here is my Electric Indigo outfit. I just had to add the light bulb, because how in the world is Electric Indigo different from plain Indigo !? =P

- Style Card -

Truth  Evelyn Hair w/Roots - mocha

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eyes - Summer Shore

cheLLe - (Eyeliner) Icey Inner Eye White

*Boof. Blinking Bulb

Gawk! Cozy Cotton Pullover - INDIGO 

.:: Pd ::. Destroyed & Tattered Skinny Jeans - Dark 

MIEL Bff ticker - natural - Watch

[Lauria] Falling for Fall earrings and necklace (2011 fall special)


Ps: Didn't have time to photoshop the pictures this week, sorry ! 

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Apparently Truth have a 50% sale on ... we best check that out :) Mia xx

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